Terms and Conditions for Your Best Traffic Source

  Terms for Pricing:  The pricing for this product are on our pricing page.

  Terms for Guarantee:  Our guarantee is simple,  if for any reason within 30 days you are
  not satisfied with your traffic program we will give you an immediate and
  full refund of your purchase price.

  We do not guarantee any exact number of visitors, but do however guarantee
  that each traffic system owner can expect a noticible  and satisfactory to the
  customer, increase in their traffic upon use of the system.

  Terms of Ownership:  Once the purchase is made the customer will have
  use of the product for as long as the merchant stays in business and maintains
  the website and the traffic program, with no further costs associated with
  ownership or the operation of the traffic program.

  Conditions of Use:  Any one with valid ownership described in the terms
  of ownership may use the traffic program for as long as is available by
  Unimax Services.

  Conditions of help offered from the company:  We provide email support
  to our traffic system owners.

  Privacy Policy:  We do not distribute any customer information, either email
  addresses, or payment information to any outside parties or companies.

  If you have any questions you may contact a company represenative
  via email to:  bruce@yourbesttrafficsource.com 

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