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Who will pay as the Internet grows? (International Herald Tribune)
With traffic surging and networks spending billions to keep up, gaining unlimited access to the Internet for video and other services may come at a cost. But for whom?

Soaring figure for Korea's high-speed Internet users (Electronic Engineering Times Asia)
The number of high-speed Internet service users in Korea surpassed the 15 million-mark for the first time in April.

Bloomberg Internet, TV and Radio Gallery (Freedom Forum Online)
As technologies improved, the speed of news increased. First there was radio, carrying the sound of news simultaneously to thousands of listeners over long distances. Television and the internet added impact. Television added impact with moving images.

Beer sellers take racy ads to internet (The Capital Times)
ST. LOUIS -- Anheuser-Busch is generating lots of buzz with an ad equal parts bawdy and hilarious, but you won't see it on television, and it barely mentions the beer it's advertising. Dubbed "Swear Jar," the too-risque-for-TV ad debuted on the Internet in 2007. A minute long, it begins with an office worker asking about a jar at the reception desk. It's a "swear jar," he's told: Anyone who ...

SOA RIA News - Appcelerator to Shake Up Rich Internet Application Market (Linux World)
'I'm looking forward to helping Appcelerator shake up the rich Internet application market,' said Bearden. 'Companies are struggling with how to take advantage of all the money and time they've poured into SOA. Appcelerator answers the question once and for all by enabling them to build rich applications on top of that SOA infrastructure.'

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